The school’s Learning Support Policy is based on the following principles which are in keeping with the Northern Ireland Code of Practice and SENDO legislation.

All teachers are teachers of children with special education needs and have a responsibility to meet those needs.

All children are entitled to access to a broad and balanced curriculum, with pathways best suited to their abilities and interests.

Pupils with special education needs will be integrated as fully as possible into the life of the school.


Provision for pupils should:

  • match needs, not diagnosis
  • take account of their wishes and feelings
  • be in partnership with their parents


Pupils with special educational needs should be identified as early as possible so that their needs can be met.

Full use should be made of internal support provision.

Full use should be made of support from Outside Agencies.

Full use should be made of SEN Resource File and Education Plans for pupil information, recommendations and strategies.


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If you would like a copy of the Learning Support Policy please contact the school office.



In pursuit of these principles, the school has established the following:

  • A SENCO to co-ordinate provision of pupils with SEN
  • A Learning Support Unit staffed by a Support Teacher to support pupils with learning and/or emotional and behavioural difficulties by providing withdrawal support in literacy, numeracy and ICT, emotional and/or behavioural guidance, developing self-esteem organizational skills, etc.
  • A team of twelve Learning Support Assistants to support pupil learning and behaviour in class and during unstructured times
  • A Paired-Reading and Reading Partnership programme to develop pupil’s competence in reading and comprehension, delivered by Classroom Assistants/Senior pupils
  • A variety of literacy and numeracy activities for specific pupils, delivered by Classroom Assistants, as appropriate and required
  • Peripatetic Support for pupils with sensory impairments
  • Outreach support from the Laurel Centre EGC for pupils with behavioural difficulties and/or self-esteem issues
  • Placement at Laurel Centre EGC, when appropriate
  • Wider Key Skills for pupils in Key Stage 4
  • Vocational Enhancement Programmes for pupils in Key Stage 4
  • Careers programme delivered by careers staff in school and supported by the Careers’ Service
  • On-going support from the AS Advisory Service for pupils on the Autistic Spectrum, inclusive of staff training
  • On-going advice and support from CASS, MLD Service and Reading Centre staff
  • Alternate Education and Tuition Programmes facilitated by Altnagelvin Hospital School Tuition Service
  • On-going support from a range of Outside Agencies including Social Services, Educational Psychology, Education Welfare Service, Community Paediatrics, Youth Counselling Services, Inclusion and Diversity Service
  • Monthly MAST meetings


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If you would like a copy of the Learning Support Policy please contact the school office.



The school’s arrangements for identifying pupils with SEN will have regard to procedures recommended in the N. Ireland Code of Practice and will follow a 5 stage model, as outlined below.


Assessment of pupils’ learning and emotional/behavioural needs will take into account information from a wide range of sources including:

  • Primary school (previous school) records
  • Cognitive Abilities Tests
  • Parents
  • Subject teachers / Form tutors / Heads of Year
  • Key Stage results
  • Standardised Tests – Reading and Spelling for Years 8 & 9
  • Pupil discussions/target setting
  • Internal school assessments and Tracker Data
  • External Support Agencies


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Pupils may move either way between the stages, remain at a particular stage or improve sufficiently to be removed from the SEN register during the course of their time at school.

If you would like a copy of the Learning Support Policy please contact the school office.




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